Heart Roses


Flower Details
Color: Deep, rich red with ruffled pedals
Fragrance: Little To No Scent
Origin: Grown in Cayambe, Ecuador
Description: Classic deep red Heart Roses have large, cup-shaped blooms and 50 ruffled petals, which spiral out from the center of the flower. They’re tailor made for any romantic place.

Quantity: 2 Dozen / Unit



Flower Care: Upon arrival, please follow these simple steps to a gorgeous bloom: 

  1. Remove the roses from packaging and use shears to cut the stems to your desired length. Tip: do not cut roses individually; cut together to maintain a straight desired length. 
  2. Fill vase(s) with at least 4 inches of fresh, cool water, and place the stems immediately after cutting. 
  3. To give added nutrients to the roses, add floral food provided to the water. 
  4. Always remove any leaves that fall below the water line, as these may cause bacteria and shorten the roses life. 
  5. Keep roses away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat. 
  6. Change the water every 24 to 48 hours or when the water becomes cloudy.
Shipping: Roses are shipped directly from Ecuador. Before delivering your roses, we prepare them for you by removing the thorns and pulling the leaves. Our roses are kept in water throughout the delivery process, and we maintain the cold chain, so that when you get your roses you see the difference in quality and life-span. This makes it easy for you to unwrap and start decorating your home or office.

Delivery: We usually deliver on Mondays and Thursdays in select areas of Los Angeles, California
  • Delivery Days: Usually on Mondays or Thursdays
  • Delivery Areas: Brentwood | Culver City | Marina Del Rey | Pacific Palisades | Santa Monica | Venice

Quality Guaranteed: